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Thread: Mountain man!!!!!!!

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    He is back home after almost a month in the hospital having extreamly bad seizures. He seems to be doing much better. ITs just crazy, They basically just play with dif combos of medications to get the seizures to stop. But he usually doesnt have them like this where he seizes up stiff. Get me so friggin worried but we got a doc who approved CBD oil for him. FINALLY! Were advised to find the best , purest quaality which is the charlettes web stuff. which is not cheap. Esp with one parent out of work atm. Have to get tapatalk set up i been at the hospital with him sleeping and living there for the last 3 and half weeks! Thank fully they figured out a combo which got him to stop and we got him on the CBD oil which was working well at first but when we tried to wheen him off one med everything went to hell. But hes home thank god.

    ty for the prayers my friends

    And so glad MM is on the team along with the rest of you fellas
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    I am so happy to hear that your son is home brother. Will continue to pray for him and your whole family

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    Is the CBD oil helping out?
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