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Thread: New pct recovery hormone HMG

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muscle mechanic View Post
    It was triptorelin I was thinking of brother! My bad!
    I would just try or use some hcg on cycle make sure hpta function is there!
    Always stop hcg or hmg 2-3 weeks before pct!
    Once pct begins use clomid and Nolva!!!
    I wouldn't resort to triptorelin(GnRH) unless hpta wasn't responding to conventional pct like clomid and nolva!

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    This is my option that I strongly feel is correct based on research over the years!!!
    Most guys will recover but it takes time and sometimes clomid therapy is necessary again after pct.
    Best thing is to get bloods confirm after pct!
    Patients is the key to hpta recovery.
    In my opinion guys over 40 who had kids or are ok without having any, that they should opt to trt for life rather pct.
    The stress on body is much less and for longterm it's better in my opinion!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MindlessWork View Post
    Great thanks for the tip
    I quoted myself with a little more brother if u wanna read

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