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Thread: SarmsSearch Mk677-RAD140 Log/Review!

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    started the RAD140 , started with just 5mg per day. its been about 3 days so far and probably going to up the dosage to 10mg as thats what i ran it at in the past but the last stuf f i ran did work and i liked it a lot but this is a different sponsor so u always have to assume that the last stuff u took could of been underdosed. The past two days i didn't really notice a big difference during my workout but today i did.

    It def kicked it full force when i started doing drop sets (today was back/biceps) when doing the 2nd drop set i honestly just stayed there at that weight and felt no need to cont. to drop weight. The tuff is def legit. Im do feel slight anxiety. Nothing huge atm. but i have been warned that it can get bad. last time i was on prescription anxiety meds(benzo) so i think that helped with the anxiety sides.

    As far as the mk677 im at 25mg pre bed ED still. and feeling great. IT really is good for bulking because u do retain water
    ITs like the old rips in 2012, which made me retai a lot of water. or just some HGH makes u retain water then other HGH. well MK does the same. Im going to be throwing in some HGH as i think its the best combo! And your serum especially scores go thru the sky!!!!

    But only after i bump up to 50mg ED of MK566 and get another IGF test done to see where 50mgs ED bumps me up to on my IGF. I have hopes to seeing it bump to at least almost 70-100 points.
    BASELINE WAS 113! So anything close to 200 OR ABOVE 200 ill be very please and i think others will as well!!!! IGF i think is best way to score mk for reason i will post later! and also th best way to test HGH!!!

    Will update again monday.
    Tomorrow im still dosing 25mk and 5 mg RAD but wont be hitting the gym except maybe some calistetics that i still do even on off days !!!! Pull ups, Push ups, crunches. Ill do this while im cooking lol

    Thank You Guys

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    Any updates, brother?
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