I have used it several times and was always happy.i just took a break from a 16 mth run at 2-10 iu threw out the 16 weeks.i felt results after 2nd mth but saw dramatic physic changes after 10 mths ,body fat seemed to melt off,I ate anything I wanted and never put on ant fat.muscles got Fuller and all day pump.skin felt and looked tighter and I felt fantastic everyday no fatigue and could get by on very little sleep.so I love the stuff been off two mths and gained body fat back but lost none of the gains,I can tell I have lost the get up and go I had when I was on
I'll be back on script hgh in a few weeks and I just can't wait gonna shoot for 24 mths or longer if I can this time.
So does anyone else have hgh stories they would like to share pleas